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What do I bring to my first visit?

At your first visit please bring the following;

1.) Photo ID

2.) Insurance Card

3.) List of medications including dosages

4.) Prescription from your doctor if one was provided

  • How long is the first visit?
    The first visit is approximately 2 hours long. At that time we will review your medical history as well as the history of your condition or injury. A thorough evaluation will be conducted. A full treatment session will be provided so that you leave your first visit feeling better than when you came in. If appropriate, a take home sheet including 2-3 stretches will be provided. A self care protocol will be outlined to help you manage your symptoms between physical therapy visits.
  • Are there private treatment rooms?
    All initial evaluations are performed in private treatment rooms one on one with a therapist.
  • Will it hurt?
    We treat your pain first. We realize that many of you are coming to us post-injury, post-operatively and with pain and loss of function. We do eveything we can to help you feel better during your first visit. Your treatment plan may eventually include gentle stretching and conditioning but not until you and your therapist feel that your pain is controlled well enough to move forward.
  • Will I always see the same therapist?
    Our providers work as a team. At certain points in your rehab, you may benefit from the skill set of one or more of our therapists to help you improve faster. Each of our providers brings a different expertise to the table and we work together to provide the best patient experience possible. For those patients that prefer to work with one therapist or another, we do our best to schedule you accordingly.
  • I have been to Physical Therapy before. How is your clinic different?
    We hear time and again, from our patients, that we do things differently at our clinic. Patients often say that no other practitioner has been as thorough or spent as much time with them as our providers. You will work one on one, hands on with a therapist at each visit. We are respectful of your time when scheduling appointments and work diligently to minimze wait times. Our clinic adheres to strict cleanliness protocols and did so prior to Covid 19 arriving in our area. We comminicate often and professionally with your other medical providers and will always advocate for you with insurance company issues. We are the "care" part of healthcare and we welcome you to our physical therapy family.
  • Do I need to see a doctor before coming to Physical Therapy?
    Not always; certain insurances allow Direct Access - meaning you can call and make an appointment without seeing our doctor first. In most cases, physical therapists can treat you for 10 sessions within 30 days before we need a prescription from a doctor to continue treatment. Worker's Compensation, Car Accident Insurances and Medicare require a prescription from your treating provider. It can be faxed to our office directly and once we receive it we will call you to set up an appointment. Fax number 716-692-1227.
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