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  • Call for an appointment.
    2 hr
    Covered by insurance

Your first session includes;

  • Discussing the history of your condition or inury

  • Evaluation of your present condition

  • Treatment to relieve pain

  • Home Stretching Program if/when appropriate

What we use;

Modalities available in our clinic may be used to treat your condition, relieve pain, reduce swelling and increase your flexibility.

These include;

  • Hot/Cold Packs

  • Electrical Stimulation

  • Ultrasound

  • Massage

  • Manual techniques such as traction, mobilization and myofascial release

  • Therapeutic Exercise

  • Whirlpool

The first visit includes evaluation and treatment and is about 90 minutes to

2 hours in duration. Each visit thereafter is approximately 1 hour duration. 

Specific questions regarding the evaluation process can be

answered directly via email at

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